GREENCELL : micro-organisms

In 2000, GREENTECH created the GREENCELL company, which develops, produces and markets micro-organisms and microbial derivatives of environmental, agronomic and alimentary value.

  • • Fertilisation management
  • • Improved soil microflora
  • • Reduction of harmful organisms in crops
  • • Waste stability management
  • • Improved animal comfort and health…

GREENCELL is one of the pioneers of the new agronomy and the first company to obtain a provisional sales authorisation in France for a microbial fertiliser (16 April 2014).


  • • Treatment of urban, farm and industrial effluents
  • • Clarification of these effluents
  • • Treatment of polluting compounds (organic or chemical pollution)
  • • Removal of bad odours with the use of micro-organisms, notably filamentous fungi
  • • Composting processes


  • • Production of active ferments and functional ingredients
  • • Bioconversion

 Other activities

  • • R&D of active ingredients for the cosmetic field
  • • Production in large quantities of active ingredients – based on micro-organisms – for various sectors such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical…