Organic-certified actives, oils and plant extracts

At the heart of plant research since its creation, and highly committed to the preservation of the word’s plant heritage, GREENTECH now boats a base of more than 30 000 plants and 300 000 biologically active molecules, issued from the 4 corners of the planet; GREENTECH cooperates with over 30 countries from the Equator to the Poles to preserve biodiversity while supplying active ingredients.

The first company to be compliant with the ECOCERT Greenlife certification program of ecologic and organic cosmetics in 2002, GREENTECH produces aqueous, hydroglycerinated, hydro-alcoholic, oily and dry extracts, in compliance with the biological production method.

Raw material certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to ECOCERT standards of Ecological and Organic Cosmetics available on

Actifs bio logo Natrue

In 2010, the Natrue compliance (organic certification for Germany) was granted to GREENTECH for several of its extracts.