Our values


The curiosity to better understand the world and the will to advance the science of skin : GREENTECH created in 2016 a Foundation dedicated to the life sciences, whose objective is to promote in particular the physiological mechanisms governing biology, As well as studies and research on the skin.

Its first action is the organization of SPIM (Skin Physiology International Meeting), a unique biennial event. An international congress, a space for meetings, exchanges and interactive sharing of the latest scientific research on the skin, which crosses the disciplines by bringing together about 200 renowned experts in physiology, biology, biochemistry and dermatology. It is also a showcase for students and young researchers invited, the best of which is rewarded with a prize of the scientific jury and the award of a scholarship to continue its work.
Next edition on November 15 and 16, 2018.

Nos valeurs - Grenntech

Thanks to the unique richness of the sourcing and techniques used, the active ingredients are among the most efficacious, tested and substantiated. A recognized quality that meets the requirements of the ECOCERT Greenlife ecological and organic cosmetic certification program and the ISO 22 716 standard (cosmetic GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices). This European standard guarantees quality, traceability and testing in the cosmetic industry. This is how, every day, GREENTECH produces in its factory high-performance actives aimed at the biggest international cosmetic brands.

GREENTECH has also been compliant-certified with the requirements of the Natrue regulation (organic certification for Germany) and with GMP standard (Good Manufacturing Practices) required for producing pharmaceutical ingredients.

Nos valeurs - Grenntech

Convinced that ethic is a source of progress, GREENTECH has once again been a pioneer in this way of work from its creation, by being the first to adopt a sustainable and fairtrade approach; the company has built long-term partnerships, from deep in the Auvergne to Peru or Burkina Faso, with equal and mutually beneficial relationships.

Nos valeurs - Grenntech

GREENTECH draws its resources on all continents: an incredible diversity of terrestrial (climate, altitude) or marine origin, of adaptive systems applied to the skin… GREENTECH has led polar expeditions to sample micro-organisms that are resistant to freezing temperatures, pressure and UV rays; relaunched forgotten cultures such as the Inca Inchi in Peru, found treasures in Madagascar, India, Africa, Polynesia…; dived into warm water springs in the Auvergne and gone up into the clouds to look for molecules!

Reactivity and flexibility
Nos valeurs - Grenntech

A start-up spirit still breathes through the teams: hyper reactive, they work on custom request; in less than 3 weeks, they supply extract or active and produce 50 kg or 50 tonnes of it!