Our expertise : from the heart of the plant to the heart of the skin, an endless source of actives of proven efficacy

notre expertise Greentech

GREENTECH discovers in nature molecules, which transforms into intact and efficient active ingredients that go straight to the target, at the heart of the physiological mechanism. Their performance is visible on the skin, the results on beauty and well-being are substantiated and proven by biochemical, cellular (in vitro) and in vivo tests for precise claims.

GREENTECH develops innovative products, originating from novel ideas such as the first flower acids, breast tensing product, anti-hair regrowth product, DNA protector, cell cycle regulator,etc.

Containing over 100 active ingredients and 3 000 extracts, GREENTECH’s portfolio meets all expectations and needs of the skin, whatever the functionality or the age.


1997 - eureka Prize by UE

2010 - Trophées INPI de l'Innovation

2014 - Innovation Award Frost and Sullivan - Dandrilys

2015 - Yves Rocher Award “Best Collaorative development”

2017 - EY Prix de l’entrepreneur de l’année

2017 - GHP Biotechnology Awards, Best Organic Pharmaceutical Company in Europe

2017 - Healthcare and Life Science award : Excellence in plant biotechnology solutions

2017 - Innovation award Frost and Sullivan - Urbalys

2018 - BSB Innovation Prize award - Urbalys

2018 - Porto Skin Challenge - Urbalys

2019 - BSB Innovation Award - Aquasiloils Inca Inchi

2019 - CEW Innovation Achiever Award

2020 - BSB Innovation Award - Epsiline

2020 - BSB Innovation Award - Aloe Vera Bio Fair for Life

2022 - BSB Innovation Award - CIRCALYS®

2022 - Ringier Technology Innovation Award - HEBELYS®

2022 - Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award - MYRALYS

2022 - BSB Innovation Award - MYRALYS