Greentech's founding commitment : sustainability and fair trade

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Pioneering Ethical Biotechnologies. Greentech’s vision and values have remained constant since its creation in 1992. Our business model has always been based on innovation for human well-being and health while preserving biodiversity in a sustainable and balanced relationship with local producers around the world. Social, environmental and societal utility is fully integrated in our activities and has been a factor of our success since our creation.

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Because the planet’s resources are not endless and we are thinking of the next generations, because the life of a company is not limited to its economic performance, GREENTECH has always placed sustainability and fair trade at the heart of its concerns, in France and on other sides of the world. Each action is taken respectfully of the individual and of Nature, on a moral, technical and economic level. Partnerships are formed on the basis of equal relationships, to achieve mutual progress and benefit; built relationships have always a human and personal dimension. It is in this spirit that Greentech Brasil has just joined the GREENTECH Group : it is the first company to receive CGEN’s approval for more than 60 Brazilian plants thanks to its collaborative actions with extractivist communities in several Brazilian regions.

Advantages? Plant biodiversity is respected, local know-how is improved, knowledge is shared, economic benefits for the local population are achieved and their lifestyle is respected, gender equality is observed, and child exploitation is banned.

GREENTECH is involved in the preservation of rare or endangered species, by working together with local communities in over 20 countries across the world, from the poles to the Equator.

Illustrations of sustainability actions in Peru, Burkina Faso and Madagascar
Madagascar : GreenMadag

• Madagascar : GreenMadag

Since 2008, GREENTECH has partnered with the Diego Suarez University of Antsiranana in a common structure: GreenMadag. This is dedicated to the development of new actives originating from the local flora, rich in medicinal applications. A research and training program with economic benefits: GREENTECH supplies all of the equipment, trains the students, future technicians and engineers and performs extractions in situ.

Pérou : huile d’Inca Inchi

• Peru : INCA INCHI oil

In 2003, GREENTECH supported Agroindustrias Amazonicas in the extraction of the INCA INCHI oil, the richest plant source in Omegas-3: technological and commercial partnership, equipment supply, production support, raw material purchase, etc. Results? Over 2 000 hectares planted, and 10 000 families living from them, either fully or partially!

Burkina Faso : huile de baobab

• Burkina Faso : Baobab oil

Since 1999, GREENTECH has supported a group of women to produce baobad oil, and has guaranted quantities and prices. 50 women benefit from equipment donations and training at a standard quality. Today, this cooperation also extends to other plants.

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• Mexico : Organic & Fair for Life Aloe Vera

Actively involving a local producer group composed of 15 pickers since 2013 and certified FFL in 2017, our Mexican Aloe Vera supply chain is the perfect illustration of what a committed green and ethical business such as Greentech can achieve locally to promote, at its own level, the population’s economic development and well-being.