Whole natural extracts, with intact biological activity

Cryoextracts: the power of the plant recovered in its quintessence (patent)

While nature offers endless richness of precious molecules for human fitness and beauty, these are fragile and easily altered by extraction processes. GREENTECH has patented an innovative technology: the CRYO-EXTRACTION of fresh plants. This process enables the solvent-free sampling of the plant’s natural juice in its highest purity and integrity, and to recover its active ingredients with optimal efficacy: their biological activity is 5 to 10 times greater than that of dried plant extracts! From the picking of the plant to lyophilisation, all steps are performed at a very low temperature, thereby preserving the plant’s most fragile components: enzymes, vitamins, polyphenols, etc.

• 2 high-tech ranges for the cosmetic sector:

• Medulats and Cryo-buds:

Another novelty of GREENTECH is the use of gemmotherapy, harnessing all of the power of the plant with a concentrate of nourishing and regenerating substances. Native juice in liquid form.

• The Saps and the Protoplasts:

The native juice in its highest concentration, in the form of a lyophilised and micronised powder.

A range is also offered for the food and nutraceutical industries: the Stabilised Living Plants (lyophilised powder).

The Complexes, a combination of plants acting synergistically

The skin is a complex system, built on many complementary biological processes, acting at different levels. GREENTECH has therefore developed a range of COMPLEXES, notably the famous PHYTELENES, which are cocktails combining plants and/or algae with recognised activity; their individual efficacy is enhanced by a synergistic effects on the different physiological targets of the skin tissue.

The hydrosoluble extracts, a bank of more than 3 000 compounds


Very easy to formulate thanks to a large diversity of pure or mixed solvents, they are prepared by extracting 5 to 20% of the dry plant and can be concentrated on demand. GREENTECH offers several tens of extracts of algae, micro-algae and marine plants issued from various oceans and seas, and close to 3 000 terrestrial plant products from all latitudes. Other products can be developed upon simple request.

The liposoluble extracts, for the specific needs of formulation


These extracts and macerates, which use a stable oil base, enable the presence of active ingredients only possible with a liposoluble medium extraction; they provide a synergy of actions between the oily and aqueous phases.