GREENTECH develops and produces, and can tailor upon request, botanical extracts for nutraceutical and functional food applications. It has full management and control over the agronomic production and the traditional extraction processes, and guarantees a regular quality of its ingredients.

GREENTECH offers preventive solutions to the main metabolic disorders, issued from:

• Micro-organisms: prebiotics, probiotics, symbiotics

• Botanical extracts

• Micro-algae extracted compounds

• Sweeteners: Rebaudioside A (Reb A 97 GT)

A know-how that allows GREENTECH to work in partnership with its customers to develop food supplements and functional foods.

As a recent example: a low-calorie drink containing Rebausioside A extract (Stevia rebaudiana), sold in supermarkets. Indeed, since 1996, GREENTECH has developed steviol glycosides, derived from stevia leaves: the Reb A 97 GT. Today, GREENTECH is one of the 3 leading companies in the production of high purity Rebausioside A, a sweetener with 100% natural origin.