Africa Day

Today is World Africa Day. For 60 years, since the signing of the African Union agreements in 1963, this day has been an opportunity to highlight the energy and development of the African continent.


At Greentech, for over 30 years we have been building a relationship of friendship, respect and mutual aid with the African continent, with the establishment of supply chains that are now part of the company’s history.


In Burkina Faso, we have had a friendly relationship since 1999 with a group of women who supply us with organic baobab oil.


In Senegal, we support the women of a village in the traditional cultivation of hibiscus chalices.


In 2022, we created Greentech Senegal to build the tools needed to preserve drinking water and help develop agriculture that respects a difficult environment.


Africa and Greentech will always be linked, not least by a common value that we have shared since the beginning of our history: shared progress.