Greentech Brasil webseries - Ep1: Buriti oil, the wealth of the Cerrado

This new webseries offers a journey to the heart of Brazilian biomes and highlights the richness of Brazilian biodiversity.


Discover the first episode of the Greentech Brazil Webserie, talking about the work on Buriti Oil that we developed together with an essential field partner, the Cooperativa do Grande Sertão.


The creation and strengthening of integrated value chains in various biomes in Brazil started about three years ago, and is part of Greentech’s strategic pillars of development in Brazil.


The quality of the raw materials is essential in the development of a biotechnological ingredient. Understanding the reality of the field in order to maximize its potential and share the added value with our partners is the key to a fair and sustainable growth of our business.


Besides everything, creating impact projects contributing humbly to improve the living conditions of families is what moves us every day.