Greentech official partner of the Dubai World Expo

Greentech official partner of the Dubai World Expo

Greentech is proud to be an official partner of the French Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo and in particular of the fortnight dedicated to the Oceans from 18 to 31 March 2022.


“The main theme of the exhibition is “Making a new world”, a new world that must connect people, cultures and sciences.


This “Making a new world” is a dynamic that guides us, the GREENTECH Group, towards the marketing of innovative and sustainable ingredients from plants, algae and micro-organisms. A cross-fertilisation of all these biotechnologies enhanced by the know-how and scientific and technological skills of our teams.


Agro-ecology, cosmetics, the environment, animal and human nutrition, and health are the fields of expertise of the Greentech Group companies that benefit from this ethical and innovative impetus in meeting the challenges of tomorrow.
This approach of shared progress is part of the DNA of Greentech and of all its employees. It is totally in line with the spirit and the demonstrative will of the World Expo.


Jean-Yves Berthon
Greentech CEO