Greentech present at the SEPAWA Congress

This year, Greentech will be present at the SEPAWA Congress and more specifically at the Cosmetic Science Conference of the DGK with the Focus on Mindful Cosmetics on Wednesday October 13th in Room 2 (15:00 CEST), to showcase CIRCALYS® a novel chronobiological approach for stressed skin.


The participants of this webinar will be introduced into the important topic of the skin brain axis and its impact on skin. It will be explained, how the ayurvedic plant andrographis paniculata acts on the Clock Genes & Circadian Modulators to revitalize skin. How it offers an instantly perceptible uplift in mood with a yoga-like effect and finally how it provides strong improvements on the visible signs of stress and fatigue on face.


Listen to the latest developments in the field of Neurocosmetics and Mindful Beauty. Several in vitro and clinical in vivo test results will be shown, supporting claims for tired and stressed skin.