GREENTECH sponsor of the 12th International Symposium on Gut Microbiology

This year we’ll be sponsoring the 12th International Symposium on Gut Microbiology that will be held as a virtual meeting from 13 to 15 october 2021.


This biennal meeting, recognised as one of the most important meeting in the animal and human gut microbiology research areas, will focus on the understanding of the role of human and animal microbial digestive ecosytems in host metabolism, welfare and health.


Microbiota is a core scientific expertise at Greentech Group, nourished by the excellence and the multidisciplinarity of its scientific research teams. They lead fundamental research work in connection with academics, and to national and international research programs on the microbiota of different organs including lungs, gut and skin.


Greentech Group research teams explore the unlimited complexity of microbiota, to develop innovative science-backed solutions addressed to major markets including cosmetics, nutrition (food & feed), pharmacy, agronomy and environment.