International Microorganisms Day

International Day of Microorganisms

September 17th : International Microorganisms Day – an exciting story behind this date!


We live in symbiosis with billions of micro-organisms in our bodies and all around us in the soil, in the water, in the air… Without their presence, life would cease to exist on our planet. They have been the only living beings on Earth for almost two billion years. Indispensable to the survival of human populations, they ensure the biogeochemical cycles of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and other elements essential to life. They create and maintain a balanced atmosphere, purify water and fertilise soil. They are crucial in the digestion and absorption of the food we eat, and in the development of our immune system.


Greencell uses micro-organisms and turns them into innovative ingredients. A pioneer in biotechnology and microbiota research, Greencell is an expert in industrial fermentation with leading products in bio-fertilisation, bio-stimulation, bio-control and the treatment of polluted environments.


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