Looking for high-grade CBD?

Our COSMOS-approved CBD Isolate Powder is a potent active ingredient titrated in at least 98% of CBD (Hemp-derived Cannabidiol), with multiple benefits for skin: anti-aging, potent soothing and seboregulating/anti-acne effects.


The crystalline powder is obtained by supercritical CO2 extraction & advanced purification from hemp cultivars authorized by the French regulation, sustainably cultivated in South America and locally processed (high quality sourcing, traceable supply chain and CSR actions).


As now part of UIVEC, we do believe in the potential of hemp bioactive molecules. Greentech’s R&D teams have set up a research program focusing on phytocannabinoids. The objective of this project is to increase knowledge of these molecules and unlock their potential as natural and high value-added active ingredients for cosmetic, dermocosmetic, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.