Scalp is the new skin

Greentech scalp hair care


Hair is an essential component of individual’s self-representation. Whatever the age, hair is a way to express our personality, evolving based on our desires and needs, seasons or our sociocultural environment. Long or shaved, natural color or flashy rainbow dyed, each person has his or her own relationship with hair.  

Scalp health and hair beauty are closely interconnected (Truëb et al.,2018). Having a healthy scalp is essential to get beautiful hair. Hidden by hair or exposed, scalp requires specific daily care.


Scalp names skin enveloping the skull, an area bordered by the face at the front and by the neck at the back. As a characteristic, this area is very concentrated in hair follicles (100 000 on average) (Gilaberte et al., 2016), whore fibers constitute a person’s hair (Tajran and Gosman, 2020).

Scalp also contains an important number of sweat and sebaceous glands, whose secretions contribute to form a protective and lubricating hydrolipidic film on hair and scalp. Like elsewhere in body, stratum corneum is the most external part of scalp epidermis and is a physical, chemical and immune barrier, essential to maintain scalp integrity and homeostasis (Chong et al.,2013).

All these characteristics, along with an acidic pH ranging from 4.5 to 5.5, contribute to create a specific surface microenvironment (Tajran and Gosman, 2020), colonized by a unique microbiota, which is also unique to each person. Recent studies suggested links between scalp microbiota and some scalp disorders and functions, such as alopecia or dandruff (Filaire et al., 2020; Saxena et al. 2019; Grimshaw et al. 2019). Scalp, its microbiota and thein interactions can also be impacted by exposome(sun, pollution, aggressive hair products, sress, etc.) (Cheng and Lyga, 2014), with deleterious effect of scalp health, and thus hair health and beauty.

In the era of “mindful beauty”, it is important to note that some disorders having their root causes in scalp may impact individual’s quality of life and psychological wellbeing (Kranz,2011).

Taking care of scalp thanks to specific natural active ingredients is more essential than ever.


GREENTECH developed a full range of natural active ingredientsdedicated to hair beauty, and more particularly to scalp health.


  • Hair loss & scalp microbiota dysbiosis ?

HAIRILINE® is an active ingredient titrated in sesquiterpenes and polyphenols extracted from Lindera strychnifolia roots. Designed according to a systemic approach, HAIRILINE® rebalances scalp bacteriobiota and mycobiota for a healthy scalp-microbiota crosstalk, and modulates key biological pathways involved in hair cycle, for an anti-hair loss efficacy proved in men with alopecia.

This unique approach followed by GREENTECH R&D was published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science  : read the article


  • Dandruff & scalp microbiota dysbiosis ?

DANDRILYS®is an active ingredient titrated in saponins (jujubosides) obtained from Joazeiro Ziziphus joazeiro barks (traditionally used a plant-based cleanser/shampoo), offering a complete solution against dandruff thanks to a systemic approach, modulating both scalp microbiota (bacteriobiota, mycobiota) and biological pathways (anti-inflammatory, seborrhea), for a healthy and purified scalp. DANDRILYS® was awarded by a Frost and Sullivan Innovation Award in 2014.


  • Exposome-stressed scalp (soleil – UVA/UVB/blue light/IR, pollution) ?

ZORYALYS®is an active ingredient designed through a biomimetic approach, combining powerful antioxidant and photoprotective molecules from ginger (shogaol, gingerol) and magnolia (magnolol, honokiol), blended in long chain fatty acids from pracaxi oil, to offer a anti-exposome protection to hair (full spectrum sunlight + air pollution). This full protection could also benefit to scalp. Expression Cosmétique recently published an article about ZORYALYS® and its biomimetic approach : lread the article

EXPOZEN®, an active ingredient titrated in sulphated polysaccharides obtained from the red algae Halymenia durvillei and featuring anti-inflammatory and anti-neurogenic inflammation activities, could be also useful to sooth exposome-stressed scalp and to limit scalp premature aging. Discover the scientific article published by GREENTECH R&D in Cosmetics : read the article


  • Hyperpigmentation-affected scalp ?

Face skin is particularly subjected to sun-induced and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentations, as well as scalp in the case of a bald person or with shaved hair. SOLIBERINE® is an active ingredient highly concentrated in verbascoside and echinacoside, whose 360° photoprotective efficacy (UVA+UVB+Blue light+IR) was proved thanks to different in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo studies. More particularly, SOLIBERINE® reduces both UV-induced melanin production and inflammatory factors, and decreases Opsin 3 expression in melanocytes (opsin 3 is a blue light-sensitive receptor, involved in various pigmentary disorders) (Regazzettiet al.,2018). For more details about this innovative approach, read the scientific article recently published in Personal Care :  read the article


  • Fragile and dehydrated scalp ?

TILICINE® is an active ingredient titrated in acetylated polysaccharides, extracted by patented cryo-extraction from linden buds from France (organic grade available). These original polysaccharides contribute to the viscoelastic and filmogenic properties of TILICINE®, whose moisturizing and protective efficacy on hair and scalp were proved in vivo.


  • Dry scalp ?

A low sebaceous activity in scalp can result in dry scalp and hair To nourish and repair, GREENTECH has two solutions from historical sustainable supply chains in Peru and in Burkina Faso:

  • INCA INCHI® LIPACTIVE, a virgin oil obtained by specific cold-pressing and purification processes from organic Inca Inchi® seeds. This “superseed” native from Peruvian Andes is one of the best vegetal sources of omega 3, featuring a healthy omega 6/3 ratio, in favor of a soothing effect.


  • BAOBAB LIPACTIVE, a baobab seed oil rich in omega 6 and 9. This African “superseed” highly nourishes hair and scalp.


  • Greasy scalp and oily shine ?

A high sebaceous activity in scalp can result in greasy scalp and hair, with an oily shine. For shaved or bald person, the smooth surface of scalp creates a real mirror effect! Our natural solution : HAIR STRENGHT-EGX 292 is an active ingredient based on synergistic plant extracts (nettle, black cohosh, maca and milk thistle) with a seboregulating efficacy proved in scalp, reducing sebum by -50% after 3 weeks of use of a shampoo containing the ingredient.

DANDRILYS®, thanks to its long term seboregulating activity, with no rebound effect unlike zinc pyritione (in vivo comparative study), is also useful to treat greasy scalp and hair.

For a purified scalp, without mirror effect!


  • Aged, dull and irregular scalp ?

Choose a “solft peel” of scalp thanks to ACIDES DE FLEURS®! This organic acid-titrated active ingredient derived from hibiscus flower calyces offers a gentle and effective exfoliation, also stimulating epidermis renewal. For a purified, smooth and radiant scalp !


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