SENSOL 100®: the natural alternative to silicones

SENSOL 100® is the new functional ingredient developed by Greentech, offering a natural alternative to silicones for a velvety and silky feel.


This plant-based emollient incorporates significant benefits for the skin :

– Essential fatty acids, such as omega 9 (oleic acid) for skin repair
– Linoleic acid (omega 6) for elasticity
– Palmitic acid : contributes to cell renewal and has film-forming properties
– Palmitoleic acid : anti-inflammatory and reparative benefits while maintaining the balance of the skin’s microbiota.


SENSOL 100® offers much more than just an emollient ! This co-product of avocado oil from Kenya is patented, Cosmos-approved and has good oxidative stability.

Its use is versatile, ranging from emulsions to anhydrous balms and hair products, with a percentage of use of 5 to 20%. Its neutral odor, discreet color and long-lasting moisturizing effect make it an attractive choice for cosmetic formulations offering an alternative to mineral oils and silicones.


SENSOL 100® : moving towards 100% natural skin care