Sourcing around the world - S3/Ep4: Organic & Fair Trade Camelina Oil

In this 4th and last episode of season 3 of our web-series “Sourcing around the world”, we take you less than 30km from Greentech, to Saint-Saturnin in the Puy-de-Dôme, to meet our partner Vincent Martinant, camelina producer and member of the Collectif Bio-Diversifié (local association of organic farmers). Vincent grows and transforms camelina into high quality oil for Greentech.


His know-how allows him to harvest the camelina seeds at perfect maturity. These seeds are then cold-pressed to extract the oil, which is clarified by decantation to preserve all its active molecules. It is the mastery of this succession of stages that guarantees the quality, traceability and bioactivity of camelina oil.


Certified Organic and Fair Trade Fair For Life, Camelina oil moisturises and nourishes the skin with a balanced supply of Omega 3, 6 and 9. It makes the skin soft and supple, while preserving the integrity of skin cells. These properties make camelina oil an effective natural ingredient for revitalising dry skin or soothing stressed skin.


Its nourishing, soft and non-greasy feel, thanks to the long-chain omega 9 (eicosenoic and erucic acids), makes this oil a premium ingredient for cosmetic formulations.