PHYTOBIOACTIVE, quintessence of Nature, maximum concentration of natural active ingredients

Skin defense booster
Microbiote-friendly skin repair


20 years of microbiology expertise (microorganism production & active metabolites extraction)

• Skin innate immunity booster

• Patented complex : probiotic extract (parabiotic) & postbiotic metabolites



Fraction of the lactic probiotic Lactobacillus pentosus (parabiotic fraction) and its postbiotic metabolites, obtained by an optimized fermentation (biotechnology).


BIOTILYS® is a patented repairing active ingredient, stimulating skin defenses (innate immunity) and protecting skin from external stress, while preserving a balanced skin microbiota (“microbiota-friendly”).


Lactobacillus pentosus is a lactic probiotic known in health-nutrition to stimulate gut immunity, helping to get a healthy body. Inspired by this beneficial effect and thanks to 20 years of microbiology expertise, Greentech R&D proved this probiotic also stimulates skin nautral defenses (innate immunity). BIOTILYS® stimulates the expression of antimicrobial peptides (like beta-defensins involved in innate immunity and protection against pathogenic bacteria) and inhbits the expression of the Toll-like receptor TLR-2 involved in inflammatory response.


Like a skin strengthener, BIOTILYS® promotes a healthy skin: it preserves skin microbiota balance, improves short-term and long-term skin moisturization, and fortifies skin barrier function. When skin is damaged (for example, mechanical stress), BIOTILYS® accelerates skin barrier recovery, restored within 6 hours.


• Defense booster skin care

• Protective and repair care products

• Dry skin care products

• Moisturizing care products

• Microbiota-friendly care

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