CIRCALYS® receives the Best Feel Good Ingredient Award

Greentech was awarded the best ingredient prize for its CIRCALYS® active ingredient at the I FEEL GOOD EVENT 2023 in Paris.


CIRCALYS® is a natural, chrono-detox and “Feel Good” energizer, titrated in andrographolide, extracted from green chiretta leaves, to effectively reduce the impact of fatigue induced by a fast-paced modern life on the skin ( eye bags, dark circles, wrinkles, dull skin) and on the emotions (boosted feeling of well-being, reduced perceived stress and negative affect – “yoga-like” effect).


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Psychobiology has been a key area of expertise at Greentech for many years, and our scientists are pioneers in the development of cosmetic active ingredients based on a psychobiological approach. Today, 4 active ingredients are based on this systemic approach, responding to different skin and hair issues, supported by articles published in international scientific journals.


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