Greentech webseries: S3-Ep1 - The fabulous Organic Linden Buds for Cosmetics

For this third season of our web series, we take you on a tour to the heart of french biodiversity to discover the women and men who bring us the best that nature has to offer, particularly for responsible, sustainable, transparent, effective and made in France cosmetics.


In this 1st episode, you will meet our partner Cécile Goud, a linden bud picker in Saint-Hilaire, in the French department of Haute-Loire. A symbol of nature coming back to life at the end of winter, buds are the result of a biochemistry that is as complex as it is precise and sequenced and are full of specific active molecules. Harvesting buds requires Cécile’s know-how and careful observation of the rhythms of nature to identify the ideal moment for harvesting.


Greentech has succeeded in capturing this ephemeral biochemistry of the active linden buds thanks to a controlled biotechnological process and developed TILICINE®: a natural active ingredient based on the synergy of unique acetylated polysaccharides and free sugars, to protect and moisture hair and skin.


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