Sourcing around the world - S3/Ep3: Organic Exotic Plants & Agro-forestry

In this 3rd episode of our webseries “Sourcing around the world”, discover our partnership with Elisa Morand in Cruas, Ardèche. Elisa grows exotic plants (aromatic and medicinal) in a family greenhouse powered by photovoltaic panels according to the principles of agro-forestry.


This know-how has enabled the cultivation of organic and fair-trade Yuzu, appreciated in cosmetics for its purifying properties. This greenhouse cultivation makes it possible to control the quantity of active molecules present in the plants and to relocate the sourcing in France, for high quality & sustainably sourced active ingredients.


Trials are also underway to cultivate various exotic plants. This is the case of the Green Chiretta (Andrographis paniculata), a major ayurvedic plant rich in andrographolide, from which we designed CIRCALYS®, a chrono-detox and feel good energizing active ingredient. CIRCALYS® modulates skin circadian clock and activates « brain-skin » axis pathways (oxytocin, endorphins, endocannabinoids).


Clinically tested on night/shift workers for 28 days, CIRCALYS® significantly reduces the visible signs of facial fatigue and the impact of fatigue on emotions.


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